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  • Kat Wray

Plan your wedding around the Noongar Seasons

What do you look for when you lock in your wedding date? Is it a special date to you? Are you hoping for warm/cold/inbetween weather? Is there something particular you want to wear? Is there a particular appearance in nature that you want, like autumn leaves or fully grown grape vines?

The Noongar seasonal calendar in the south west of Australia includes six seasons that are specific to our region and are a great guide to choosing the right season for your ideal celebration.

Let's take a look at the six seasons in the south west of Australia (Perth to the South West)


First Summer (December + January)

Rains begin to ease

Easterly winds in the morning

Afternoon sea breezes

Perfect for: Warmer evenings, no jackets, late ceremonies, epic sunsets.


Second Summer (February + March)

Hottest time of year

Little to no rain

Hot easterly winds

Cooling sea breezes

Perfect for: Shady places, beach ceremonies, outdoor ceremonies, late ceremonies, light clothing.


Autumn (April + May)

Hot weather starts to break

Cooler nights, potentially damp

Red flowers are prominent

Perfect for: Autumn leaves, awesome jackets, cool nights, day time ceremonies.


Winter (June + July)

The coldest and wettest time of year

More frequent gales and storms

Blue and purple flowers are prominent

Perfect for: Fireplace or bonfires, indoor ceremonies, morning ceremonies, long sleeves and statement. jackets.


First Spring (August + September)

A mix of wet and dry days

Cool nights and warm days begin to frequent

Mass of wildflowers start to appear

Perfect for: Indoor or undercover ceremonies, bush ceremonies.


Transitional Season (October + November)

Longer dry periods + warmer weather

Wildflower season, especially yellow flowers

Perfect for: Undercover ceremonies in nature, Swan Valley weddings (grapevines are lush and green).

Want help figuring out the perfect season for you as a couple? Or working out the best venue for the date you've already chosen? I love helping couples!! Let's chat :)


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