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  • Kat Wray

Interview: “Planning an Intentional Wedding” with Polka Dot Weddings

As a wedding photographer I absolutely love helping Perth couples plan a wedding that’s true to them. Call it intentional, mindful, authentic – whatever you call YOU DOING YOU!

But HOW do you actually do that?

And how does a wedding photographer like me help you?

If you didn’t know already, I’m also the Editor over at sustainable and mindful wedding education site Mindfully Wed (Less Stuff, More Meaning) so mindful weddings really are at the heart of everything I do. Combined with my experience as a wedding photographer I’ve got some knowledge and experience to share.

If you’d like to plan your wedding with intention and meaning then you might enjoy this podcast episode How to Plan an Intentional Wedding.

We talk about:

  • How to come up with your marriage mission statement

  • Finding vendors with the same values

  • Managing unsolicited advice and your guest list

  • Incorporating culture, religion, & tradition

  • Creating less formulaic, more intentional moments

  • Staying mindful on your wedding day

  • Wedding planning as a joint effort

  • Reducing the environmental impact of your wedding

You can check out the podcast here which includes a full transcript and some helpful links!

BONUS: Here are some images from the weddings I mention!

The wedding that changed my mind about weddings

A wedding at Karridale Cottages (which you can read more about here)

The wedding that started as an elopement but turned into a massive backyard wedding

(but they still said their personal vows in this private moment at a national park)

The wedding where the coffee-loving couple made coffee part of their day

A wedding at Perth City Farm

The wedding where the couple set strong wedding intentions and got married at a rooftop bar

The wedding where the couple and their I Do Crew went on a bar tour

A wedding at Old Tower House

And finally, if you'd like to get my personal recommendations for Eco-friendly Wedding Vendors (that may align with your values) then check them out here.


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