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Brand photography that expresses who you really are

Are you a creative who wants to make money doing what you love? You’re going to need photos – and not awkward stock photos, either. Real photos that reflect you. 


I know, I know! We all dread getting our photo taken. It can feel awkward, uncomfortable and even a little scary.


But people buy from people. Revealing your face will show the world you’re a legit creative business who’s destined for success! 


Have you got a website and social media account? Will you be showing an exhibition? Need a bio? A Perth brand photographer will help you promote your work. 


Brand photos will show your ideal customer there’s a real, living being behind your business – the wonderful, creative you! 


Professional imagery communicates your story, expresses your personality, and connects you with like-minded people who will buy from you. 


Brand photos are an integral piece of your marketing puzzle.

You need them for...


  • Social media content 

  • Headshots for bios and profile pictures

  • PR (media kits, editorial)

  • Exhibitions

Tiller Cycles Electric Bike Perth_15.JPG

Make your brand photography your own

You're creative so you don’t just want any brand photos. Definitely not stale corporate shots. It’s a big ‘no thanks’ to stiff collars and bland backgrounds. You want photos that express who you are. 


Are you a painter? Let’s reveal your studio and show how you work with colour. Writer? The obligatory typing shot is a must, but we’ll also get you away from the computer.


You may opt for photos of your artwork, studio or just you chillin’ out doing your thing. It’s up to you! Content is where it’s at and you can never have enough photos to share.

Good images make great marketing opportunities

These photos taken for Yuck Circus were used for Fringe Festival marketing campaigns

Red Eclectic Event Industry Fringe Festival Marketing Example 1.PNG
Red Eclectic Event Industry Fringe Festival Marketing Example 2.PNG

Are we a good fit?

I believe there’s a branding photographer for everyone – and it’s as much about your comfort as it is about my skill. The best way to choose a photographer is to suss out their vibe.


We’ll be a good fit if:


  • You like relaxed, documentary-style photography

  • You want a fellow creative who gets your craft

  • You want photos with a bit of quirk 

  • You want a photographer who understands design (I’m also a graphic designer)

  • You want a casual, fun and stress-free photo shoot


Just know, I live for capturing creative experiences. And I love dreaming up new ways to tell people’s stories.

Relaxed Headshots by Red Eclectic Perth
Red Eclectic Photo of Perth Artists in s
Red Eclectic Photos of Artists in Studio

Creative brand photography package


Total cost $700

What do you get:

  • 30-minute chat to discuss creative direction (let’s nail your vibe!)

  • Two-hour session in your studio, office or on location

  • 150+ high-quality, edited digital prints available in online gallery 

  • Relaxed headshots

  • Social media photos 

  • Photos for website

  • USB available upon request

Time to get it done?

Relaxed headshots


Total cost $500

What do you get:

  • 30-minute chat to discuss creative direction (let’s nail your vibe!)

  • One-hour relaxed photography session 

  • 40+ high-quality, edited digital prints available in online gallery

Ready to nail your headshot?

Red Eclectic Creative Brand Photography
Red Eclectic Creative Brand Photography
Perth Brand Photographer_The Plumery Flo
Perth Brand Photographer_The Plumery Flo

Content photography


Starting from $500

What do you get:

  • Large stock of photos for your marketing

  • Social media photos

  • Photos for your website

  • Behind-the-scenes photos 

  • Photos of you and your staff working

  • Pre-production preparation session time (planning, phone calls, emails and travel)

  • Basic post-production editing

  • High-quality digital prints in an online gallery

  • USB upon request 


Want all the content?

Before we begin


  • Allow up to 10 business days for photo processing

  • Fast turnaround can be arranged at a fee

  • Advise if your space is dark or has fluro lighting

  • Photoshopping, deep etching (background removal) or next-level editing will be quoted for individually

  • You’re responsible for seeking permission for the location usage, arranging modelling contracts and safekeeping photography consent forms

Brand Photography FAQs

What’s your booking process?

I ask for a 50% deposit to secure the date. The remaining balance will be due by the date of the photo shoot.


What time of day should we shoot?

It depends on the location. For indoor shoots, it depends on how the light falls in the space. Outdoor shoots are best in the morning or in afternoon light when it’s soft and warm.

How do I choose a location?

Brand photography is about showing the world who you are and what you do. Your studio may encapsulate your process, or maybe you want shots in your favourite cafe. It’s best to pick a location that expresses who you are.


I want to make sure you get the right photos.

No worries! I can bring my iPad for live viewing so you can see the images as we take them. Just let me know when you book in.


Do you have a studio?

I can arrange a studio for certain projects.


What should I wear?

I recommend wearing something you feel comfortable in but speaks your brand. Pastels, muted tones and denim always look great as a general rule, but if you want to pop on your website  then a pop of colour works well. Black can get tricky if you're in a dark space (e.g. you might look like a floating head). Consider matching or complimenting your brand colours. Don’t forget to bring a few changes of clothes, too.


What should I expect on the day?

A couple of hours of laughs (I apologise in advance for all my bad jokes and ridiculous antics to make you smile). But seriously, I’ll make you feel comfortable. It will be way less awkward than you think!


When do I get my photos back?

Within three weeks. The high-resolution images will be made available in an online gallery where you can view, download and share.


I have a specific deadline in mind. Can you meet it?

Just let me know at the time of booking so it can be scheduled accordingly. Same day or next-day processing will incur a rush fee.

Ready to hire a Perth brand photographer?

Brand Photography Portfolio

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