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How to have an eco-friendly 
wedding in Perth

As a photographer I don’t just document couples on their wedding day, I also help and support them plan the day and make environmentally and ethically conscious decisions. I think couples enjoy connecting with someone who shares the same values!

Why should I have an eco-friendly wedding?

Because we need to reinvent the wasteful, generic wedding culture that has become engrained in Australian society.

Some ethics and values are ignored so couples can enjoy their wedding day, I like to call it “special day leniency” – things like using single-use plastic, importing exotic flowers, buying outfits that will only be worn once, sign boards that get discarded, serving meat focused dinners, and asking people to travel to a particular location (just to name a few). There are somewhere between 75,000 – 110,000 weddings a year in Australia, so that’s a LOT of special day leniency!

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Perth Backyard Wedding Styled Shoot_by Red Eclectic_393 (SOCIALS).jpg

Where do I start?

A great place to start is an amazing free online tool, the Wedding Footprint Calculator. It calculates the carbon footprint of your wedding which enables you to offset or reduce your impact.

Mindfully Wed also have a wedding guide, also named Mindfully Wed. This is a great e-book that gives you lots of insight into beautiful, meaningful weddings (and it doesn’t just stop there!).

And if it's all too much reading, then you can watch this awesome documentary series on YouTube called Sustainably Wed.

What does an eco-friendly wedding look like?

It looks like lots of fun! 


The memories you make come from connection, not stuff. A good time is told by smiles on faces!

Generally you’ll see:

  • Things that can be reused

  • Things that hold meaning to the couple

  • Places that are beautiful without the need to decorate too much

  • People that are truly part of a couples’ love story

Perth Backyard Wedding Styled Shoot_by Red Eclectic_353 (SOCIALS).jpg
Eco Wedding Collective Perth_by Felicity Found Photography 1.jpg

What is an eco-friendly wedding supplier?

An eco-friendly wedding supplier is a business or person with strong ethical and sustainable practices in place. 

This should be a statement on their website and in all marketing.

Why should you choose an eco-friendly wedding supplier?

Consumer power, baby!


Wedding couples are consumers, and consumers have enormous power, so use it to support eco-friendly businesses!

An eco-friendly wedding supplier will also make some of the more difficult decisions for you and only provide products or services that are environmentally friendly.


A regular florist will discuss your colour and style preferences and photos of flowers you’ve seen and liked and then provide a quote.

An eco-friendly florist will discuss your colour and style preferences and photos of flowers you’ve seen and liked and then educate you  on what flowers will be imported from other countries, that they will not use floral foam to achieve certain looks, that they prefer to use local and sustainably grown flowers.

Perth Backyard Wedding Styled Shoot_by Red Eclectic_291 (SOCIALS).jpg
Perth Backyard Wedding Styled Shoot_by Red Eclectic_407 (SOCIALS).jpg

How do you find eco-friendly wedding suppliers?

Less Stuff More Meaning have a directory of eco-ethical suppliers in the wedding industry, or for a more Perth based list check out my list of Eco Wedding Vendors in Perth.

Like what you see?

The photos used here are from a styled photoshoot produced in December 2021 to demonstrate an intimate backyard wedding using only Perth eco-friendly wedding vendors.

Photography - Red Eclectic

Plants + Succulents + Styling - Miller Rose Botanic

Furniture Hire + Styling - Sustylable

Videography - Huemen Media

Celebrant - Abby Rohde Celebrant

Catering - Our Ruby Girl

Hair + Makeup - Go to Gilly 

Photography + Host - Felicity Found Photography

Perth Backyard Wedding Styled Shoot_by Red Eclectic_234 (SOCIALS).jpg

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Read my interview by the New York Times "How to Have a Sustainable Wedding"

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