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  • Kat Wray

Shivaun and Peter: A Northbridge Elopement

A tattooed couple wearing black stand in front of a mural that says "One heart"

Shivaun and Peter didn’t f*ck around when it came to planning their Northbridge elopement – they told me straight up that Peter is a tattoo artist and they’d be wearing black (sign me up!) and they wanted a super chill, non-traditional wedding and they didn’t want to invite anybody. Except they have a (super adorable) baby so I kindly invited a babysitter (my sister) to keep their hands free for ring pushing and gin drinking.

I met Shivaun and Peter at Frisk, a gin bar conveniently located next door to the marriage office Old Tower House, with the Babysitter and killer content creator Meg (Details by Meg) in tow. Shivaun and Peter enjoyed a quick drink and baby cuddle before heading over to Old Tower House.

After a quick and simple ceremony and some sweet and hilarious personal vows, we went for a pram friendly stroll around the streets of Northbridge.

The best thing about Northbridge is there are loads of interesting little nooks and alleyways inbetween restaurants and bars. I love the contrast of a sharp suit and cocktail dress in a dirty, graffiti covered alleyway.  

For these two, a drink at Neon Palms was a logical spot to stop, where they could have a gin martini and some hot chips. Then they changed into some more comfortable converse sneakers for some more photos. And who needs wedding cake when you can enjoy a Whisk Creamery gelato for dessert?

Their elopement dreams came true; they were relaxed, full of gin, chips and icecream, looked amazing in their getup, and best of all – married.


Content Creator: Details by Meg // Ceremony Venue: Old Tower House // Bars: Frisk and Neon Palms  // Gelato: Whisk Creamery

A couple sit at a bar drinking champagne before their wedding

A couple sit in a bar having a drink before their wedding. They are smiling with their baby on the groom's lap.

A bride wears black and holds her baby. The focus of the photo is on her engagement ring, a black gemstone.

A tattooed couple wearing black leave a gin bar. The groom is pushing a pram and the bride is holding a bouquet of flowers.

A couple wearing black are walking up to the Old Tower House marriage office in Northbridge, Perth

A couple wearing black and with visible tattoos hold a bouquet of flowers and each others hands during a wedding ceremony. A celebrant is in the background.

A bride and groom read each other their vows with the celebrant smiling in the background. The bride and groom both wear black.

A groom reads his vows to his wife. He wears a suit and floral buttonhole. His tattoos can be seen under his shirt.

A bride smiles at her groom as he reads her his wedding vows. She holds her baby. She is wearing a black dress and has a sleeve of tattoos.

A bride is reading her vows and the groom is throwing his head back in laughter. They are in a small room at Old Tower House. They are both wearing black.

A bride and groom, both wearing black, embrace and kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony at Old Tower House

A bride and groom sit at a table about to sign their wedding paperwork. The focus of the photo is on the bouquet of flowers placed on the table.

A bride and groom both wearing black and with visible tattoos, are leaning against a wall and are side lit by the big stained glass windows.

A bride and groom wearing black, walk out of Old Tower House marriage office. They both hold their hands up in celebration.

A bride and groom both wearing black, stand in front of an abandoned building

A bride and groom walk across a traffice light intersection. They are both wearing black and have tattoos. The bride looks back at the camera as they walk.

A bride and groom are sitting in a booth in a bar. They are holding a menu that says "Neon Palms". Their bouquet of flowers is on the table and matches the colours of the menu.

A neon sign in a bar says "Cocktails and Dreams"

A bride and groom sit in a bar and the bride feeds her groom a hot chip. They both have gin martinis.

A bride and groom sit in a bar and share a kiss. they sit under a neon palm tree.

A groom's tattooed hand is rested on his wife's tattooed leg.

A bride and groom's legs can be seen sitting at a bar. They have gin martinis in their hands. The groom reaches for a hot chip. The bouquet of flowers also sits on the table.

A bride and groom wearing black are both changing into converse sneakers

A bride and groom are closely looking into each others eyes. Behind them is a neon sign of palm trees and it backlights their faces.

A bride and groom are wearing black evening wear and sitting in a dirty alleyway with graffiti. They are both wearing black converse sneakers.

A close up view of bouquet of wedding flowers with wedding rings on top. The rings are gold bands with a black infill and says in gold lettering "til death"

A bride and groom wearing black evening wear, converse sneakers and tattoos, are both licking icecreams while leaning against a wall.

A sleeping baby is in a pram. In the foreground his parents are holding the pram handle. You can see their tattooed hands and they are holding a wedding bouquet.


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