Who is Red Eclectic?


Hi, my name is Kat Wray and I have an obsessive need to photograph beautiful things. If you want something photographed candidly, authentically and with a creative vision, then I'm your girl. 


For my business clients I offer creative solutions by way of photography, graphic design and website design. Combined, this gives my clients a full suite of creative options: I can design your brand, photograph your business and then put it all together on a website. I love nothing more than sitting down with clients and coming up with creative ideas and strategic campaigns for their business.  


What's my story?


Like the business name suggests, I’m pretty eclectic. I also have red hair. When I was younger I wanted to be a music video director or a writer (envisage 12 year old me creating full movie scripts on an old typewriter). I am full of ideas and I love helping people. I like solving problems. I’m a bookworm. Wombats and echidnas are my favourite animals. I write lists. I volunteer. I love riding my bike around my neighbourhood. I love gardening. I love music and movies and documentaries and boardgames. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. I'm terrible with names but I never forget a face. I enjoy good coffee. I love roadtrips and adventures and I share my adventures with my partner, Pete, and two young sons.  


photo by tyler brown

photo by my 5 year old son