My Story

Who is Red Eclectic?


Hi, my name is Kat Wray and I'm a photographer and designer. As the business name suggests, I'm pretty eclectic. I don't offer just one thing because I like helping people, so I will always be photographing and designing and creating.


The photography side of my business came about because I have an obsessive need to photograph beautiful things. If you want something photographed candidly, authentically and with a creative vision, then I'm your girl. 


The design sign of my business is utilising the practical side of my brain. The one that likes form and function. I can offer business clients creative solutions by way of photography, graphic design and website design. Combined, this gives my clients a full suite of creative options: I can design your brand, photograph your business and then put it all together on a website. I love sitting down with clients and coming up with creative ideas and strategic campaigns for their business.  


What's my story?


When I was younger I wanted to be a documentary filmmaker, a music video director or a writer (envisage 12 year old me creating full movie scripts on an old typewriter). I am full of ideas and I love helping people. I like solving problems. I’m a bookworm. I write lists. I love op-shopping and buying secondhand. I love gardening and music and movies and documentaries and boardgames. I love to have a good dance. I am passionate about caring for the environment. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. I'm not very good with names but I never forget a face. I enjoy good coffee and the occasional gin. I love my community in East Victoria Park. I love having adventures in nature with my partner, our two sons and our dog.

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my eco ethos

I wanted to share with my clients all the ways I’m trying to make my business as mindful as possible. I believe in caring for the planet and its people, treading lightly and giving back to the community. Generally showing my kids what it means to be a good human!


Here are just a few things that I am currently doing (and always striving to learn more and do better):


  • My home office is solar powered.

  • I donate monthly to Greenpeace.

  • I bank with Beyond Bank, a community owned B-Corp bank.

  • Whilst my job does necessitate driving, I try to minimise the distance and I have a big focus on local clients.

  • I will provide most of my products digitally.

  • For my graphic design clients, I will always consider the earth’s impact when designing products. For this reason, I will generally suggest recycled or FSC graded uncoated paper stocks.

  • If I need to send you a package I use Hero Packaging compostable shipping mailers. 

  • If I buy gifts for my clients they are generally locally made consumables and come in a custom cardboard box.

  • I support local businesses and offer discounts for not-for-profit and local community groups.

  • I am an Eco-Ethical Wedding Ambassador for Less Stuff More Meaning. 

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Red Eclectic acknowledges the Nyoongar Whadjuk people - traditional custodians of this land. I wish to acknowledge the strength of their continuing culture and offer my respects to Elders past and present.


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