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I'm Kat - the photographer for chill vibes and fun folks

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Oh hey! I’m Kat (she/her) aka Red Eclectic. I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but getting paid for it since 2013. After photographing a friend’s wedding I discovered love fests were my favourite thing to photograph so I finally transitioned to wedding photography in 2018 and I haven’t looked back!

My approach

You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I attract an eclectic bunch of rad couples. I’m not interested in a perfectly matching feed, I’m much more interested in sharing real love stories with real people all bringing their own unique sense of magic.  This isn’t about looking like everyone else, it’s about looking perfectly you. You deserve someone who is going to be your cheerleader throughout the day, someone to support you, take charge if needed, and bring the good vibes.

Why is it called Red Eclectic?

When I registered the business name back in 2012, I was a graphic designer but I knew I wouldn’t always be one. Eclectic means “made up of various sources or styles” and I’m a multi-passionate kind of gal who’s forever inspired by different people and their stories. And the red part is just a nod to my red hair!

A little bit about me...


When I was younger I wanted to be a writer or a documentary filmmaker. I’d spend weekends watching classic movies and writing stories on an old typewriter. So it feels right that I became a photographer who loves documenting people’s stories in imagery!

If you hadn’t already gathered, I’m pretty laid-back, down-to-earth and a little quirky. I'm not a traditional person, I'm all about doing things differently and being true to you.

I’m also very passionate about the environment and living a low-impact, sustainable lifestyle, so you’ll find me super passionate about your wedding if you care about these things too!

When I’m not out taking photos, I’m a homebody with my partner Pete, our two kids and a dog named Edie. We love going on adventures together, playing boardgames, getting out into nature, having kitchen dance parties and because I can’t sit still, I’m constantly finding couch crafts to keep me busy.

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My values

I love connecting with like-minded people who share the same values. So if you relate to the following, we’re going to get along!


Imperfections should be embraced and celebrated


No person is perfect, much like no experience is perfect. Imperfections are what make things unique, after all. The best photography not only captures the imperfections but celebrates them.


Practicality encourages spontaneity


I'm creative but also practical. I'm kind of a unicorn! I help you plan eclectic experiences that will allow you to relax and feel truly yourself. This is when spontaneity happens and I get the best photos.


Weddings don't have to cost the Earth


Weddings are rarely sustainable. The invitations, decorations, flowers and clothes are a one-time thing, and the carbon footprint is up there. This is why I prefer small weddings and elopements – less harm to the planet. But if you have found a way to have a big celebration with a small carbon footprint, then I want to be part of that! You can read more about my eco values here.


Make the experience and photography yours alone


No wedding should be the same and no brand photos should look like someone else's. I celebrate your lifestyle, personality and values. I help you define your personal style so your photographs represent who you really are.

Photography shouldn't create moments, it should capture them


I don't believe in generic, posed photos. I have a documentary-style of photography, centred around play. I want you to enjoy the experience of being you. My job is to help you have fun and capture reality as honestly as I can.

Share the same values? Let’s work together.

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