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A small but mighty Perth wedding: Featured on Together Journal

Two brides are in a city bar clinking drinks. One bride wears an off-white linen suit, the other bride wears a white fitted dress and veil.

I was super thrilled that Together Journal wanted to feature Channelle and Sarah's Perth small wedding at Old Tower House followed by an incredible celebration with more friends and family at Songbird Bar.

Before you go and read all about their incredible day over at Together Journal, I want to tell you all the things I loved about their elopement & party.

1. They established a wedding dress code

Channelle and Sarah knew how to make a big impact with some simple planning: Stand out in awesome white outfits and ask all your family and friends to wear black. This was so effective!

A group of family and friends surround two brides in a park. All the guests are wearing black and the two brides are wearing white.
Two brides walk out of Old Tower House registry office cheering as their family and friends cheer in the courtyard.

2. They got ready together

Getting ready together at their room at the Ritz-Carlton Perth meant they could enjoy those excited nerves together. They were lucky that Sarah's Dad owns a vintage car so they were delivered to their wedding in style!

A bride is in her hotel room getting her hair done as her dress hangs in the forefront. Her veil is laid across a chair waiting.
Two brides are getting ready together in their hotel room.  The bride wearing a white wedding dress shows the other bride, wearing a cream linen suit, her dress.

3. They had a small wedding ceremony in Perth

With a small registry style elopement at Old Tower House, they focused on only their closest family and friends to witness their nuptials. Afterwards we got some great family photos with everyone in black it looked so good!

A bride reads her vows to her bride. She wears a fitted white dress, Chanel earrings, slicked back hair and a veil. She is smiling.
A bride wearing a cream linen suit is crying as she reads her vows to her bride. In the foreground you can see the other brides back and veil.
Two brides stand before their family and friends. They are both wearing white and the guests are wearing black. They are in a heritage style room with high ceilings and big windows.

4. We took time to capture some epic portraits in Perth City

After we left family and friends behind, we headed into the City to capture some portraits. We had so much fun with it and then ended it back in their hotel room at the Ritz to jump on the bed with excitement before I left them to have some alone time before they rejoined their guests.

Two brides stand against a red vintage car. One bride wears a fitted white dress and love heart sunglasses. The other bride wears a cream linen suit and love heart sunglasses.
A bouquet of seasonal flowers sits on a window ledge with the sun shining through the window onto the bouquet.
A bride wearing slicked back hair and a veil with pearls on it, looks down as the light from the window shines on her face.

Two brides clink drinks together. They are in a moody bar. The focus is on  one of the bride's engagement ring and perfectly manicured fingers.
Two brides walk down the stairs of a heritage building laughing together. One bride wears a linen suit and the other bride wears a white fitted dress and veil, and holds flowers.
Two brides are in a record store in front of a wall of records. One bride wears a linen suit and is holding the other bride, who is wearing a white fitted dress, by the face to kiss her. The light is shining perfectly on the brides faces.

5. They had a relaxed celebration with a big party at a rooftop bar

As the sun was beginning to set, their wider group of family and friends met them at the Songbird Bar which is also at their accommodation, the Ritz-Carlton. It has an amazing elevated view of the City and Swan River, especially at sunset. They had their own private balcony area along with a firepit!

The tops of guests heads can be seen in the forefront with a city scape in the background. The lights of the skyrise buildings are lit up and the sun is setting in the sky.
Two brides walk through a doorway into a rooftop bar space to greet their guests. One bride is wearing a linen suit and love heart sunglasses, the other bride is wearing a white fitted dress and love heart sunglasses.
Two brides hold a retro style wedding cake that says "Mrs Banks" on it. They are laughing.

Pretty epic, right? You can read more about their day over at Together Journal.


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