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  • Kat Wray

Stacey + Liam

+ couples photography

+ engagement shoot

I’m proud as punch to be the photographer for Stacey & Liam’s down south wedding in November. These two lovebirds have such a relaxed and happy spirit that I know the wedding is going to be an absolute blast. I asked them both if they’d like to meetup in Fremantle for a coffee at Moore & Moore and chat about the wedding, and then perhaps have a little photoshoot afterwards. It turns out Fremantle was where they had their first date so it was all very fitting! Whilst it’s always very awkward to take photos of a couple in a natural loving embrace (awkward for them AND me!) – breaking the ice now, before the big day, means we’ll be able to snap right into it come November. And we had so much fun today that I’m truly excited for their wedding!

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