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Capturing the lifestyles and stories of eclectic people


Your favourite photos usually have three things in common: they tell a story, reflect a lifestyle and capture an experience. Your story, lifestyle and experience.


You might be eloping under a tree in the forest, getting married in a heritage building in Freo, or making art in your makeshift studio in a 1970s caravan (aka my dream).


Whatever you’re doing, you want your photos to be real. Not posed, stale or stuffy – imperfect in an endearing way. More meaningful and real.


So, let’s snap you laughing out loud at dad jokes, looking super awkward during the serious bits, and all the other eccentric things that make you you.  

Ready to capture your story, lifestyle and experience and get the real shots? Read on!

Let's get your fantasy record-cover photo!

Hey, I’m Kat! The lady behind the lens at Red Eclectic.


I wear two photography hats. I’m an elopement photographer who helps no-fuss couples plan and document their wedding adventure. And I empower creative freelancers to embody their brand essence. I take photos that ooze personality and offbeat vibes, because everyone needs killer content, right?


I have a documentary style of photography, centred around play. The best way to describe it is eclectic (hence my name!). 


I go with the flow depending on your energy. My number-one goal? To capture your personality while you enjoy the feeling of being you.


Let's get your fantasy record-cover photo. You know, Abbey Road crosswalk kind of thing? The one that captures your quirks in just the right way. It’s all you, baby!


Want to know more about me?



What kind of weddings do I shoot? I’m an elopement specialist who knows all there is to know about planning and shooting micro-weddings. Take a look!

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Small & intimate weddings

Want to keep things low-key? I’m a sucker for small weddings where you’re the focus, instead of the crowd. Learn more about my intimate wedding photography here.

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Creative brand photography

Are you a creative business or freelancer who wants to attract the right kind of customer with brand photography that expresses the real you? It’s time to invest in your visuals.

Your guide to elopements in Perth

Planning an elopement but not sure where to start? I’ve created an elopement guide just for you! It’s packed full of everything you need to know before planning an intimate wedding.

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Your guide to having an eco-friendly wedding in Perth

Planning a mindful wedding but don't know where to start? Check out my guide to having a sustainable wedding in Perth!


What Clients Say...

"Kat is a ball of fun to be around with she orchestrated the whole day effortlessly. As neurodivergent humans we felt whisking away to capture the shots really made it intimate and special. You have a way with setting the scene and owning your SUPER powers!

We highly recommend Kat for her creative input, people skills and ability to make your experience special."

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June 2022
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