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Perth Wedding Vendor Recommendations

There are so many amazing Perth wedding vendors and suppliers, but I thought I'd help you narrow down to some amazing vendors I've had the pleasure of working with. 

I am also a huge advocate for low-impact weddings and I especially love helping couples find eco-friendly vendors in Perth who will treat the couple, and the planet, with care. A wedding budget gives couples such amazing consumer power, so you can support local vendors and suppliers who are trying to make a positive difference in the world and our community, however big or small. For more info you can check out my guide to having an eco-friendly wedding in Perth.

Scroll down to find some amazing vendors with the Kat tick of approval!

Need a Celebrant? Check out my Recommended Celebrants page!

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My Fave Perth Wedding Venues

The location completely sets the scene and overall vibe of your wedding. Here are some of my favourite Perth Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venues that are all-in-one. This means both the ceremony and reception can be held in the same location making your day more relaxed! In most cases the portrait session is only a short walk nearby which means less time wasted travelling from place to place. 


From helpful guides, to wedding stationery or online wedding websites, to on-the-day wedding coordinators and wedding planners - get the help you need to make your day special from the start!

All the pretty things

Let's face it, all you need to get married is a legal ceremony - but you can always add some pretty things to make the day special! From your outfit to flowers and decorations - here are some great Perth Wedding Vendors that have a sustainable ethos!

Wedding Catering & Bar Service

If your Perth wedding venue doesn't have in-house catering or a bar, then you'll need to bring your own! Here are some awesome Perth caterers and bar service staff that do an awesome job and are super yum too (I know because I've tried it!)

Live Music & Entertainment

Your Spotify playlist will definitely do the job, but if you want some extra atmosphere and entertainment then consider live music! Here are some great Perth musicians, bands and DJs who do an awesome job!

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