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Perth Airbnb Elopement Photography by Red Eclectic 2021.jpg

Perth Airbnb Elopements

The essence of an elopement is that the day is just about the two of you, and maybe a few witnesses (legally you need at least two people. I can be one of them!). So with that in mind, a great idea for an elopement ceremony is to hire an Airbnb or private holiday accommodation so you have a place to get ready, have a private ceremony and then stay the night (or longer!). It can even be a special place you can come back to every year.


Having an Airbnb ceremony works really well for those wanting a quick, one hour session because everything is in the one location. Some of the larger homes can accommodate your closest family or friends so you can make a weekend of it. 

I've compiled a list of properties I've either visited or admired from afar (but please read the owners rules and information first). Have a look at my checklist for choosing an accommodation property.

What to look for

Here are some things to consider when looking at Airbnb or Private Holiday Homes:

You probably won't see the property before you stay there.
It is unlikely you will be able to view the property before your booking, so ask the owner questions if you're not sure about the layout. Once you book they should provide you with an address so you can at least do a quick search on Google Maps and perhaps do a drive-by.

Consider what season you're booking.
Properties can look vastly different between the seasons (trees drop leaves, shade can vary). Consider whether you need to stay cool or warm.

Read the owners rules.
In most cases a small small group of people witnessing a ceremony, over the space of an hour or so, should not upset the owners, so long as you remain respectful and clean up after yourself. Some properties specifically mention they don't want parties so make sure you read all the owners rules before you book. If you want to be sure you could ask their permission before booking. 

It only works for very small groups.

To remain respectful of the Airbnb owners, you should only consider a very small group for an Airbnb elopement. Another rule of thumb is however many people the venue sleeps, that's how many people can visit.

Some properties share common spaces with the owners.
Some properties are listed as "entire house" but it's actually right next to a main house. I've had a few elopements with this scenario and thankfully the owners have been supportive (and honoured!) but it might not always be the case. Read the owners rules and descriptions carefully!

Look for a place that could accommodate the ceremony if it rained.
If you know that you can duck under a gazebo or hold the ceremony on an undercover balcony or a beautiful living space, then it's less stress for you on the day!

Think about dinner!
If you choose a property in the Perth Hills, for example, consider there are limited restaurants in the area. Alternatively, you can arrange a grazing platter to be delivered on the day so you don't even have to leave the property!

Perth Hills

An elopement or wedding in the Perth Hills gives you the beauty of the Western Australian bush, calming nature and lots of space. In some cases it's only 30 minutes from Perth, but it feels like a holiday.

Please note: The listings below are just a guide, but you need to make sure they are suitable and that the owners rules are read carefully.

Brigadoon Airbnb.png

Brigadoon, Perth Hills

Henley Brook Airbnb_Swan Valley Studio.j

Henley Brook, Perth Hills

Kangaroo Valley Homestead Airbnb_Kangaro

Kangaroo Valley, Perth Hills

Mount Helena Airbnb_Charming Historic Co

Mount Helena, Perth Hills

Swan Valley Airbnb_Treehouse in Australi

Swan Valley, Perth Hills

Darlington Airbnb_Darlington Delight.jpg

Darlington, Perth Hills

Hovea Airbnb_The Bird House.jpg

Hovea, Perth Hills

Karrakup Airbnb_kangaroo cottage hills r

Karrakup, Perth Hills

Mundaring Airbnb_Perth Hills Luxury Home

Mundaring, Perth Hills

Toodyay Airbnb_The Old Dairy.jpg

Toodyay, Perth Hills

Darlington Airbnb_The Lodge.jpg

Darlington, Perth Hills

Hovea Airbnb_Perth hills luxury nature g

Hovea, Perth Hills

Lower Chittering Airbnb_Chittering Heigh

Lower Chittering, Perth Hills

Pickering Brook Airbnb_Secluded Sundowne

Pickering Brook, Perth Hills

Toodyay Airbnb_Toodyay Art Shack on Avon

Toodyay, Perth Hills

Fremantle & Coast

An elopement or wedding in Fremantle gives you that wonderful contrast of old and new, awesome murals and buildings for backdrops, some rich maritime history and even the beach. This is the ideal elopement location if you want to wander on a 'wedding walk'. 

Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_blu peter pen

Coogee Beach, Fremantle

Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_historic west


Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_The Loft.jpg


south fremantle airbnb_red eclectic elop

South Fremantle

cottesloe airbnb_red eclectic elopements


Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_Jewel on Sewe


Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_The Sea View


South Beach Airbnb Elopement in Fremantle.jpg

South Fremantle

Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_Fremantle Ivy


Fremantle Airbnb Elopement_Private Court


zamia fremantle airbnb_red eclectic elop


Airbnb Elopements in South Fremantle by Red Eclectic.jpeg

South Fremantle

Perth City Vibes

An elopement or wedding in the heart of Perth City makes a fun adventure. Go for walks down interesting alley ways, pop into your favourite bar, then end the session with some delicious food. Perfect for those urban lovers who want a real mix of photos and experiences for their special day.

Perth City Elopements_Alex Hotel Northbr

Alex Hotel, Northbridge

Burswood Warehouse Airbnb.png


Perth Elopement Experience_Airbnb Victor

Victoria Park

Perth City Elopements_QT Hotel Perth Cit

QT Hotel, Perth City CBD

Perth City Elopements_Private Access War

Mount Lawley

Perth Elopement Experience_Airbnb Victor

Victoria Park

Perth City Elopements_Loft Style CBD Apa

Perth City CBD

Perth City Elopements_Sunlit character h

North Perth

An hour out of Perth

An elopement or small wedding in York gives you that wonderful country feel without the huge distance. Located 1.5 hours from Perth this is a great destination wedding location where guests can still drive back to Perth, or you can all stay in Town. York has some beautiful historical buildings from the early 1800's and also has an amazing view from Mount Brown.

York Western Australia Elopement by Red

Faversham House, York

York Western Australia Elopement Airbnb

Whitely House, York

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