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  • Kat Wray

Jones & Co Property

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When I met with Kelly Jones late in 2014 we sat in a Bassendean cafe and discussed Kelly’s amazing ideas and aspirations to buy a real estate business on the Old Perth Road strip. Kelly grew up in Bassendean and her family still lived there, so it felt like a natural step to build her business and future there.

I had the epic task of building her brand from scratch and from a design perspective help her launch the business. My first job? Take some photos of the neighbourhood. These photos were the catalyst to understand the brand and everything behind it; he history, the houses, the people, the amazing local amenities like the river and green spaces, and the emerging cafe strip. These photos still feature in most of Kelly’s marketing collateral.

From there I’ve designed logos, signage, brochures, tshirts and postcards and some staff photos just to mention a few. It’s a fun ride and I always love visiting Bassendean to catch up with Kelly and find out what new exciting things are happening for her and the neighbourhood.

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