Want to get married but don’t want the fuss of a big wedding?

Want to make your wedding affordable?

Too shy to walk down the aisle in front of all your family and friends?

Want to get married somewhere obscure?

Want to keep your wedding ceremony private, so it’s just about the two of you?

We hear you. Teaming up with Celebrations by Candice, the Eclectic Elopement package was developed to make eloping in Perth easy and stress free. The elopement package includes a customised legal marriage or commitment ceremony and a one hour photography session and travel within the Perth metropolitan area. All you need to do is get dressed and show up!


get married at your favourite place

What do you get?

We love to make things clear and simple, so let's break it down for you! The $1,200 package includes:


Celebrant ~ $600

- simple, personalised ceremony around 10 minutes long (max 20 guests)

- lodgement of all legal paperwork

- sound system and microphones

- signing table and chairs 

- two in-person meetings and unlimited, prompt contact by email or phone

Photographer ~ $600

- documentary style photography for one hour

- you choose how this time is spent

- all high quality, edited, digital images available in an online gallery for download

- extra time can be purchased

do it your way

Elopement FAQ's

How soon can we get married?
Your Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed with the celebrant at least one month prior to the ceremony day.


Are there any restrictions on ceremony locations?
Not really! We’re keen on the weird and wonderful. You generally only need to apply for a permit if you want exclusive access to a public space or if you want to go on private property. If you're not sure where to get married please ask, we have some great secret places ideal for small intimate weddings!


Can we bring some friends or family?
Sure! But the idea of an elopement is to keep it small and simple. Any more than 20 guests may incur extra costs.


Do we need to bring our own witnesses?
You will need two legal witnesses. Kat (Photographer) can be a witness but Candice (Celebrant) can not - so you will need to provide at least one witness. If you'd rather keep it private we may be able to arrange a witness for you.


Do you do same sex weddings?
Of course we do! Love is love.


Can we do it at any time of the week, or any time of day?
Yes! Within reason of course. If you want us to perform a ceremony at 3am, we might charge you extra for it!


Do we have to wear a white dress? A suit? 
Wear whatever you like! Break the rules!


Can you arrange other things for the day?
We can organise food, cake, flowers etc for a small fee. Let us know what you need!


Do we need to have a rehearsal?
Typically an elopement is pretty relaxed and a rehearsal isn't necessary. 

it's just about the
both of you

Shhhhhh, I want to elope!

UWA sunken gardens elopement by red ecle

The rainy weather made for some beautifully dark and moody photos